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General Information
Prof. T. Hikmet Karakoc
Anadolu University, Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Turkey

IJET 2014 Vol.6(6): 487-492 ISSN: 1793-8236
DOI: 10.7763/IJET.2014.V6.746

Application of Friction Pendulum Damper in Braced Frames and Its Effects on Structural Response

S. M. Zahrai, M. S. Bozorgvar, and M. H. Bozorgvar
Abstract—In this paper Friction Pendulum Damper (FPD), as an innovative friction damper, has been studied, evaluated and compared with Pall friction damper. At first FPD is introduced and then its modeling and effect on seismic behavior of braced frame structures are studied. To evaluate the effects of radius of curvature and slip-load on structural responses, nonlinear time history analysis of two, three and eight storey steel braced frames with FPD dampers have been conducted under two different earthquakes. Finally, the behavior of steel braced frames equipped with FPD and Pall friction damper are compared. The results show that while some members are damaged in frames without dampers, the FPD and Pall friction damper have dissipated a lot of energy, so that no damage is observed in structural members. Increasing the radius of curvature, leads to more maximum roof displacement but decreases both base shear and roof acceleration. However, increasing the slip load leads to less displacement while base shear and roof acceleration increase. Within the optimum slip load the maximum roof displacement, base shear and acceleration under two earthquakes are approximately reduced 25%, 60% and 25% respectively. The results show that the FPD is more effective than Pall friction damper, so that FPD can reduces the maximum roof displacement 15% more than Pall friction damper. However, the base shear is increased about 20%.

Index Terms—Braced frame, friction pendulum damper (FPD), friction pendulum system (FPS), optimum slip load.

S. Mehdi Zahrai is with Center of Excellence for Engineering and Management of Civil Infrastructures School of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering. The Univ. of Tehran, Iran (e-mail: mzahrai@ut.ac.ir)
M. S. Bozorgvar and M. H. Bozorgvar are with Structural Engineering, Islamic Azad University of Arak, Iran (e-mail: masoud_bozorgvar@yahoo.com, msbs_302@yahoo.com)


Cite: S. M. Zahrai, M. S. Bozorgvar, and M. H. Bozorgvar, "Application of Friction Pendulum Damper in Braced Frames and Its Effects on Structural Response," International Journal of Engineering and Technology vol. 6, no. 6, pp. 487-492, 2014.

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